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First Donation of Pet Food from petMaxi Shop - 10,000 Meals

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petMaxi Shop is a charitable store where you can find pet food for dogs and cats manufactured by petMaxi.

One of the charitable aspects of the store is the conversion of purchases made (in kilograms) into meals to be donated to associations chosen by the buyers.

The first goal was to reach 10,000 kilograms of sold pet food, where each kilogram would be converted into a meal for a chosen association at the time of purchase. We have achieved the goal of 10,000 kilograms and the associations that reached out to us were:

Quatro Patas e Focinhos (Anadia); Focinhos e Bigodes (Lisbon); União Zoófila (Lisbon); Pravi (Santarém), Bianca - Associação (Sesimbra); Casa Amarela (Setúbal); Plataforma proanimal (Vila Real) and Aparr (Tomar).

During the month of November, we distributed the pet food to the respective associations.

The next goal of the store is to reach 25,000 meals.

"Thank you for the donation of pet food, which arrived yesterday. We have no words to express our gratitude for what you do for street animals and for our daily struggle, which is now made easier. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Plataforma ProAnimal