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petMaxi was inaugurated in 2015 and, five years later, continues to grow sustainably. It started with 10 employees and now has 44 collaborators.

In 2019, petMaxi inaugurated its second packaging line and this year it will have a new state-of-the-art production line worth 6 million euros in operation. It also doubled its production area to 12,000 square meters. In addition to sales in Portugal, including distribution, large retailers, and specialized channels such as pet shops, veterinary clinics, breeders, and canine hotels, petMaxi currently exports to 28 countries, accounting for approximately 50% of its production. It has also entered the market of complementary products, including silica and snacks. This year, it will introduce other novelties, including wet food, under the brand happyOne. It ended 2019 with a turnover of 19 million euros and expects to reach 24 million euros this year while continuing to grow worldwide.

Since its inception, petMaxi has been a socially responsible company, creating and participating in solidarity actions with animal associations. It has recently launched an online store where every kilogram of pet food sold converts into a meal for an association of the buyer's choice. petMaxi is a company from the central interior region of Portugal that has invested in the region and the country, and it has been a success story thanks to the support and preference of dog and cat owners for its brands. It offers a Portuguese option, helping to minimize environmental costs associated with product imports.

You can watch a video retrospective of these 5 years of petMaxi here: [link to the video]


About petMaxi:

Established in February 2015, petMaxi is a pioneering project in Portugal with cutting-edge technology on a global level, but with 100% national capital and partners. With innovative equipment and a multidisciplinary team, petMaxi seeks to find the best solutions for the health and happiness of our four-legged friends. In 2017, they launched the super-premium brand happyOne Mediterraneum with fresh egg, an innovation in Europe. They also offer complementary products to dry food such as silica, snacks, and soon wet food, always maintaining the same high standards of quality and safety that they adhere to in the manufacturing of pet food.

With the slogan "Feeding Happiness," petMaxi's main concern is to help ensure the health and well-being of animals and their owners.

Brands: happyOne Mediterraneum, happyOne Premium, happyOne, Domus, Campeão, and Rufia.