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My dog is pregnant, what now?

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In a home where a future mom resides, attention must be heightened, and some changes become necessary, especially regarding nutrition.



The gestation period for a companion animal lasts approximately 60 days.

From the 5th week of gestation, the energy needs of the dog increase by about 10% each week as the developing puppies require more resources.

From this week onwards, the pregnant dog will need high-energy food, meaning food with many calories. In this regard, it is important to replace the usual food with a suitable junior food, as the dog may not be able to eat as much due to its bodily changes, which can make it difficult to digest important nutrients. Additionally, in the following weeks, it is necessary to gradually increase the amount of food offered by about 10% per week until she has the puppies.

A crucial aspect to consider is that the feeding provided to the pregnant dog should be nutritionally balanced and of high quality, to meet her needs without resorting to additional supplements.

After giving birth, you should maintain the same food while your four-legged friend is lactating, as she still needs dense, energy-rich food to maintain the mother's health and ensure good nutrition for the little ones.

Find out which food is most suitable for your pregnant dog (look for junior foods) in our guide here.