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ANIMAL DAY - Donation of pet food to associations in Tomar, Abrantes, Golegã, and Torres Novas

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To celebrate Animal Day, we challenged students from the Ferreira do Zêzere school group to create awareness-raising projects about pet adoption and to encourage the public not to abandon dogs and cats. The presentation of these activities took place at APAR in Tomar. We were treated to posters and songs from the 63 involved students, and they also helped us with the pet food donation.

We would like to thank IACA for the initiative and Ferreira do Zêzere Municipality for transporting the children.

Due to proximity, we usually donate pet food to APAR, but on this Animal Day, we decided to extend our offering to 3 more associations near our factory, namely Adaca in Abrantes, Apaba Os Bons Amigos in Golegã, and APA Torres Novas.

At Patudos de ADACA in Abrantes, D. Ana Marques and Marta welcomed us with a "Thank you! You have no idea how timely this was!" It was only 500 kg, but we know it will help make these 150 animals happier.

At Apaba Os Bons Amigos in Golegã, D. Ana showed us the additional shelter space they use, as the kennel is full. There is no kennel atmosphere there, as the approximately 30 free-roaming animals are friendly and interact easily with visitors. The rest, even when confined, have space for activity.

Finally, at APA Torres Novas, D. Rosário explained that they already have land to start building a kennel, but for now, they are making do with limited space. Even so, it is evident how much care is given to each animal, with their names written at the entrance of their kennel. Each adopted dog or cat leaves sterilized and vaccinated, contributing to the mission of preventing abandonment through sterilization. In the end, we were fortunate to receive the affection of an adoptable kitten. The hard part was leaving without taking it home!

We acknowledge that the 500 kg of pet food we left at each of these associations is only a small contribution to the challenges they face daily, but it will certainly bring happiness to these animals for some time.