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Maxipet sponsors Anonymous Animals

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We will sponsor the new program on RTP, "Anonymous Animals," which starts on September 20th.

Every Sunday, you can watch Nuno Markl and Ana Galvão in a program about animals that, as written on the blog, "is a celebration of all the reasons that make us love animals and admire those who care for them and dedicate their lives to them, whether through volunteering or full-time profession. It will be a program of real stories (...) It will brighten up your Sunday lunchtime. It's for the whole family. And hopefully, we will make every family realize how wrong it is to abandon or mistreat animals and how right it is to adopt dogs and cats or, at least, help those who save and care for them. We already have a lot of recorded material that we are proud of, and we are also proud of our partnership with the extraordinary World Wildlife Fund (WWF), an organization that provides us with remarkable footage and important information about species preservation."

We won't miss it!