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Donation of 120 tons of pet food to animal associations.

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Considering the current moment we are living in, petMaxi, a pet food factory with a social responsibility aspect since its creation in 2015, felt the need to support those who continue to give their best, despite the risks to their health, in various animal protection associations throughout the country.

With animal shelters currently full and food collection campaigns at supermarkets cancelled for the foreseeable future, petMaxi has decided to donate 120 tons of food (6000 bags of 20kg each) divided among the months of April, May, and June, to Animalife, which will then distribute it to the associations and animal caregivers in need of this help.

"Everything could be much easier, and there could be more support, if companies like ours didn't have to pay 23% VAT on these donations to the Associations. For every €10,000 donated, the State collects €2,300. This situation should be reviewed for the benefit of the Associations and the country," explains Luis Guilherme, CEO of petMaxi.

This is just one of the measures taken by the company since the beginning of the pandemic. In early April, they made a monetary donation of €7,000 to the Portuguese Red Cross. Additionally, 5% of sales made until May 30th in the happyOne Premium and happyOne Mediterraneum brands will also be donated to support this institution.