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Online Petition for Reduction of VAT on Pet Food

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We have created an online petition directed to the Portuguese Parliament requesting a reduction in the VAT (Value Added Tax) on Pet Food.

"We request a reduction of the VAT on Pet Food in Portugal to the minimum rate.

Currently, the VAT on Pet Food is 23% (maximum rate), while in neighboring Spain, from where we import the majority of our products, the rate is only 10%, the minimum rate.

A companion animal is not a luxury. Taking care of a dog or cat is helping someone who helps us.

Dogs, for example, are used for various public services by police, firefighters, and others for rescue missions, search and rescue, drug and bomb detection, benefiting all of us. Guide dogs are the eyes of the blind and work 24 hours a day. It is proven that having a companion animal improves the health of all owners, is the best support for the elderly and children, and is used in therapies for various illnesses, especially with children.

The animal welfare associations, so many people working for them, mostly voluntarily, giving much of their free time to this noble cause, also deserve not to have to struggle to feed the animals they rescue and that are abandoned.

With a reduction in the VAT to a more reasonable rate, owners can benefit from assistance to care for those who care for them every day, and associations can help even more animals to have a dignified life, as they deserve.

We are not talking about products such as shampoos or brushes, but about essential goods to feed our four-legged friends.

We demand European tax uniformity. We demand justice.

Why do richer countries than Portugal charge less for their pets' food, and we, a country with lower income per capita, have to bear a VAT rate of 23% to feed our four-legged friends?"

If you love animals, help us change this injustice! Help us fight for a reduction in the VAT on pet food.

Sign the petition at

Do not be complacent. Do not limit yourself to saying it is unfair. Make your voice heard. You have this opportunity now, do not waste it. SHARE and use your databases. We are all few to fight.