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petMaxi in the Media

petMaxi in Dogs Magazine 2023

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"Eight years ago, petMaxi started nourishing the happiness of dogs and cats."

Dogs Magazine recently published an article about petMaxi's anniversary:

"With the slogan 'Feeding Happiness,' petMaxi has been nourishing the happiness of dogs and cats for eight years through quality brands produced in Portugal.

PetMaxi, a factory located in Ferreira do Zêzere, emerged in 2015 with the aim of competing with the main international brands in the market while also doing something for the environment. The company sources high-quality Portuguese products with local raw materials, eliminating the need for them to travel long distances to reach the consumer.

Currently, many of the dog and cat food brands available in the market are produced at petMaxi, including the company's own brands, which cover various segments ranging from economical to super premium. The happyOne Mediterraneum brand, in particular, stands out in the super premium segment."

You can read the full article here.

Here's the full article that you can read.