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HappyOne Mediterraneum Small Breeds now with FRESH SARDINES

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HappyOne Mediterraneum Small Breeds with Fresh Sardines as the first ingredient has arrived in the market.

As an integral part of the Mediterranean diet and typically Portuguese, sardines are a fatty, healthy, and nutritious fish, rich in protein and omega-3. They are also an important source of calcium, selenium, phosphorus, and vitamin D. Fresh sardines are highly digestible and palatable, bringing various benefits to animals, which are maximally preserved in the case of FRESH SARDINES.

This food is ideal for helping to maintain the skin and coat of our best friends shiny and strong. Fresh sardines were already available for adult cats and adult dogs, and now they have been introduced for small breed dogs as well.

Available in 3kg and 7kg packaging, it can be purchased through specialized channels such as pet shops and veterinary clinics, as well as through professional channels such as breeders, trainers, pet sitters, dog walkers, and hotels.

HappyOne Mediterraneum

Inspired by the Mediterranean diet and made with fresh ingredients and no cereals, HappyOne Mediterraneum also innovatively includes fresh egg. This preserves the numerous benefits of this highly biologically valuable ingredient. In addition to fresh meat and fresh egg, HappyOne Mediterraneum contains sardines, olive oil, vegetables, greens, and natural antioxidants.


About petMaxi

Established in February 2015, petMaxi is dedicated to the production of premium and super premium pet food. It is a pioneering project in Portugal, equipped with state-of-the-art technology on a global scale, and with 100% national capital and partners. Despite being in the market for only 5 years, petMaxi already exports to approximately 30 countries and has 49 employees. The company is also in the initial stages of setting up a second production line to meet the growing needs of the domestic and international markets.

With the slogan "Feeding Happiness," petMaxi's main concern is to ensure the health and well-being of animals and their owners.

Brands: HappyOne Mediterraneum, HappyOne Premium, HappyOne, Domus, Campeão, and Rufia.