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petMaxi in the Media

petMaxi in Actualidad€ Magazine

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petMaxi appeared in the magazine Actualidad€, "PetMaxi bets on several ranges of pet food"

"petMaxi is a pet food company, linked to the Rações Zêzere group, and produces dry food of various ranges for dogs and cats.
Born seven years ago, at a time when "50% of pet food consumed in Portugal was imported, mostly from Spain". It sees itself as a "pioneer project in Portugal, in the manufacture of premium and super premium feed" and with the aim of leading this market.
In an interview with "Actualidad€", Luís Guilherme, administrator and CEO of petMaxi, emphasizes that this is a "modern and certified factory for the production of dry food for dogs and cats, with capacity to produce food without cereals and with the introduction of fresh ingredients". "We started our activity in the market in 2015 and, since then, we have been growing steadily in all segments. Whether the budget brands, such as Campeão, Rufia, EnergyPet and Domus; the happyOne brand, and the premium and super brands premium – happyOne Premium and happyOne Mediterraneum, available on the professional and specialized channel, have all been growing over these seven years". The company based in Ferreira do Zêzere currently exports "to more than 30 countries, including Spain, where there is still room to grow in the various market segments". petMaxi is also attentive to the possible entry into new markets.

"This year, we will once again be present at Interzoo [in Germany], the world's largest fair in the pet sector, to provide the supply of our brands to markets that show interest", adds the same administrator. The company closed the year "2021 with a turnover close to 30 million euros". But the near future presents several "clouds" hovering over this activity. "Like any other sector, in a phase of
global uncertainty, we were unable to make any forecast of evolution. All we know is that we are still on the side of our customers and we will do everything to maintain their satisfaction", says Luís Guilherme. "We have the advantage of having several brands, from the most economical to the super premium, which allows us to have several solutions for our customers", he highlights. "Throughout these seven years, we achieved the reputation of
brands with guaranteed quality and partnership and proximity service, which has been valued by our partners, and which we intend to continue to maintain", emphasizes Luís Guilherme.

The company is part of the universe of Rações Zêzere, a 40-year-old group that produces and markets everything from cereals, mixes and compound feeds for farmed animals, as well as egg derivatives. Within feed, there is also an area of biological products. Among its best-known subsidiaries are Derovo and Zêzerovo"