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«PetMaxi News» Magazine of September 2023 - Now Available

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The 16th edition of the "Notícias petMaxi Magazine" is now available!

This time, you can find topics of your interest, such as:

Editorial: Towards a Sustainable and Conscious Future.

News: Renewal of IFS Food certification for the 7th consecutive year.

New Releases: happyOne Premium - Insect Protein.

 What They Say About Us.

petMaxi Moments and Quarterly Events.

Sustainability: Elimination of Dyes.

Quality: Grinding.

Veterinarian's Tip: Food Allergies.

Behind the Emails: Factory Management.

Client of the Quarter: Sanipina.

Pet Space: What is the best dog breed for a companion animal? What are cat whiskers for?



You can read the complete magazine here.