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petMaxi distinguished as Gazela company

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We are proud to see petMaxi distinguished as a Gazela company by the Centro Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR Centro).

«The concept of 'gazela' company adopted internationally corresponds to young companies (aged five years or less at the beginning of the observation period) and with high growth rates, sustained over time. They are innovative organizations, capable of positioning themselves in a different way in the markets, where they assert their competitiveness and build success at an accelerated pace, contributing strongly to job creation.”

“The growth in turnover is evident and the CEO's main objective is to continue to prioritize the creation of a great product. According to Luís Guilherme, the Gazela Award was a reinforcement of this desire: “Seeing PetMaxi distinguished as a gazelle company is to feel recognition in our work, which is another positive reinforcement to motivate us to continue on this path, continually bringing appealing offers, and national, to families with pets.”»