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Welcome to petMaxi!

Factory of food for dogs and cats.


About Us


We are a factory of dog and cat food, comprised of a motivated and specialized team dedicated to providing the best food for your pets.

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Our history


"Feeding Happiness"

Our main motivation is to enhance the quality of life and longevity of dogs and cats through the production of exceptional food.

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The values we share, the people, innovative technology, and our dedication are the foundation of our success.

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Sustainability and Ecology

Know-how and Technology

Innovation and Quality

Where are petMaxi products in the world?

Currently, we export to over 40 countries across several continents.


Quality Control

The quality and safety of our products are one of our main objectives. Every step of the manufacturing process, from selecting raw materials to shipping the finished product, is crucial to achieving this goal.

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Integrated Management Policy

Our Integrated Management Policy serves as the guiding element of our activities, with the aim of increasing value for our customers.

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We have been certified by IFS Food since 2017, with consecutive annual renewals, maintaining the "Higher Level" classification, the highest level of food safety certification.

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Our factory has been carefully designed to produce high-quality, premium, and super-premium pet food that benefits both the premium and more economical products.

We rigorously select ingredients and prioritize fresh ingredients that undergo minimal thermal processing, thereby preserving nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and the flavor of the food.

We ensure that our products offer an optimal gastronomic experience for pets and promote their health and well-being.


Sustainability and Environmental Awareness

At petMaxi, all our actions are in favor of greater environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

The mission to reduce carbon footprint is not limited to our factory; we also want to impart our values so that others can follow the path of sustainability.


Non-Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
Social Responsibility
Actions towards Carbon Neutrality


Our range of brands and products

Check how to choose the most suitable food for your four-legged friend:

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What do they say about us?

  • Excelente notícia. Uma óptima marca portuguesa que olha para o futuro e para os tutores cada vez mais conscientes. Parabéns

    César Filipe Pedrosa

  • Que empresa incrível!

    Alexandre Revoredo

  • Parabéns! A qualidade é o mais importante na alimentação... Mantenham-se assim!!!!

    Francisco Godinho

  • Sucesso antes do trabalho só mesmo no dicionário! Parabéns a todos os colaboradores e clientes!

    Rita Rodrigues

  • As I'm still little, when I do what my owners tell me, they give me Semi-Moist Puppy Snack - Meat and Milk, I looooove it!

    Trufa - Mini Shnauzer

  • Efficient service and loading, super fast.

    Momade Ussene

  • Since I discovered it, it's the brand of food for my cats and my dog!

    Elsa Maria Moura

  • I know it perfectly, I unload and load there! 5-star staff and excellent conditions for drivers!

    Nelson Contenda

  • Thank you PetMaxi for the donation to the animals in our shelter!

    Sofia Namora Barros

  •  5-star nutrition, wonderful for my furry friend.

    Marina Rocha

All feedback is important to us so that we can continue to improve!

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