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The Importance of Taurine in Cat Nutrition

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Although cats need taurine to live, they cannot produce it independently, so it is necessary to add it to their diet.



What is Taurine?

Taurine is an amino acid present in the tissues and organs throughout the body, including muscles, heart, brain, and retina. This amino acid is vital for the life of cats and plays various crucial roles in the organism.



Why is it necessary to include taurine in feline nutrition?

Promotes proper blood circulation.

Supports cardiac function.

Contributes to retinal health and is crucial for vision.

Maintains the health of the reproductive system

Has antioxidant properties that protect cells against aging.


Where is Taurine found?

Taurine is an amino acid naturally present in animal protein.

Due to the carnivorous nature of cats, their prey provided the necessary amount of taurine, meaning they did not develop metabolic pathways for its synthesis.

The richest sources of taurine include pork, lamb, beef, poultry (such as chicken and turkey), seafood, and eggs. Taurine is not found in plant-based foods.



What happens in case of taurine deficiency?

Taurine deficiency compromises the health of cats, leading to vision and hearing loss, delayed growth, the development of heart or respiratory diseases, and reproductive problems.



How should I provide taurine to my cat?

Taurine does not need to be administered as a supplement since it is already included in cat food. It is important to always check the packaging label to confirm.

All petMaxi brand products contain taurine as part of a carefully balanced nutrient formula.



And what about dogs, do they need taurine?

Dogs can synthesize taurine on their own, so they do not have a direct need for taurine as long as their diet contains methionine and cysteine. In other words, if dogs meet their daily requirements for protein and essential amino acids, they will not lack taurine.